Website Design Services

The Look and Feel of Your Website & Brand

In the world of digital media, first impressions are everything. We utilize our custom website design services to help you make the best impression when we create the face of your online business.

Website Design

We give our clients 100% custom web design. This means we don’t rely on pre-fabricated templates that thousands of other websites are using. We design the front end from scratch based on our client’s needs. Front end design covers everything from the structure, graphics, fonts, colors, and theme of the website.

The major benefit of custom front-end design is your website will get more attention from Google. Originality is an asset and is rewarded by the major search engines. The best way to set yourself apart from the crowd is working with a company that has the expertise and knowledge to give your website a truly unique design.

Website Development

Our web development team sets your website up with everything it needs for a great user experience. All of the essential functions and features like galleries, shopping carts, and contact forms are customizable. We provide back-end CMS (content management software) development to match specific functions tailored to your website. An example of this could be a unique sorting function for a product catalog.

Adding function to form is what backend development is all about. Back-end code adds utility to everything created on the front end. Once we develop your website you will not need to worry about functionality, that’s our job. Since we create it from scratch we can easily maintain it and add or take away any functionality options you’d like.

Logo Design

Your logo is a visual representation of your company’s story. A logo communicates ownership, who you are, the type of product or service you offer, and often times the benefit you offer. A logo reveals your identity. A well designed logo gets attention. People will not be able to understand every aspect of your company by simply looking at your logo, but a good logo grabs their attention and curiosity. A good logo makes people want to know more. It opens the door to new business. A great logo separates you from the pack. Certain industries are saturated, and a logo that stands out will help a company stand out.

Over time logos generate brand loyalty and trust. Think of all the famous logos you encounter on a daily basis. Logos are the most compact and cost effective way of advertising – they go on all your marketing materials, packaging, products, website, etc. Don’t overlook the power and importance of a well designed logo. A great logo pays off time and time again. Contact us today and we’d be more than happy to discuss the right logo for your company.


A brand is what customers think of a company. Branding is the process of influencing what your customers think of a company. Branding encompasses all the steps taken to build awareness and trust around a company and its product or services. Your branding may not always fully translate into the mind’s of your customers, but the better it’s designed the better the chance of it having an impact.

There are several questions a company owner needs to ask him or herself when considering branding. What perception to you want to impress on clients? What is the mission statement or higher goal of your company? What is the “why” of your company? Answering these questions will eventually lead to a company’s brand identity. Brand Identity is a collection of relevant expressions about your company. Logo, colors, typography, and voice are all elements that are considered when creating a successful branding. Great branding takes experience, call us today and get started on your company’s unique brand identity.

Graphic and Print Design

Good looking things attract people. It’s human nature, like it or not. There’s no shame in taking pride in what you’ve worked hard to create, so why not make it look its best? Quality graphic design work does several things for your company. First, it unites. Stationary, web pages, uniforms, publications, and signs are seen everyday within a company. Building your company identity begins internally, so make sure your employees are surrounded by great design they can take pride in working for. Second, great design signals professionalism. Nothing makes a first impression on clients like a clean and strong design. Whether it be your logo, stationery, website, or sign, make sure to gain instant credibility with professional graphic design. Third, great design saves money. Badly designed graphics cost money. If you cut corners you could get a design that is not ready for print. This means more time and money on a new design.

Also, experienced designers create designs that are not too expensive to produce. Affordable quality design should be your goal. We can not only handle the connectional aspects of your graphic design, but we can assure you the most affordable print quality images when it comes to signs and business cards. Having a great design is one thing, but being able to successfully print it can get quite complicated. We handle that for you. Contact us today and let’s discuss your graphic or print design needs.